This cream is special formulated to help you faded the scar and return your youth looking skin. When Acne Scar abandoned very long without an injured happen, there are impossible to get the scar to be resurfaced. Hence, our special formulated cream Rich in Cinnamomum Capable to cause an cell awakening combine with Salicylic Acid.

Result : From week 2 onward depends on individual scar.


Dermal Fibro Rolling
Scar A+ Treatment


As many years you have discover to resurface your holed scar, Traumatic Scar is come to an end.

Hyperpigmentation refers to dark brown spots that form on the scar due to an overproduction of the skin pigment melanin. Once formed, this brown discoloration can be permanent. Treat it as fastest you can.

What Are Acne Scars ?

Acne scars are when the body produces collagen to help repair the injured tissue. Resulting in a new collagen structure of a different texture, appearance, and functionality that the original, uninjured skin.

For deep acne scarring, the resultant scar may be either raised or depressed, depending upon whether the body produced too much collagen or to little.

Deepressed Scar

The body produced too little collagen.

Raised Scar

The body produced too much collagen.

3 Layers Of Your Skin

A scar forms on your skin when your body heals an injury. To get a scar, the wound has to go deep enough to injure the inner layers of your skin the dermis.


I have really2 bad ice pick scar. But honestly guna scar cream ni semua scar tu makin smooth and kulit rasa soft. I guna consistenly sehari 2-3 kali lepas mandi for almost 2 month dah.

Testimony 1
Testimony 1

This is my second purchase here ! So far i’m quite statisfied with the result. Gonna use for another couple of month to see if there’s any major improvement on my skin.. I have a really bad eczema which makes my skin flaky, dry and itch. But now its getting better and more moisturiser.

Testimony 2
Testimony 2

My second purchase. Nampak ada improvement walaupun ambil masa sikit. Decide untuk consistent supaya boleh nampak result sebenar.
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Testimony 3

Bagus krim parut ni, selalu beli yg biasa untuk hilangkan parut hitam, alhamdulillah sebab nak hilangkan box scar.

Testimony 4

Owhh yg ni ye.. Baik.. Jap g sy tgk2 yaaa.. Tp sy dh pakai toner.. Dgn scar cream..So far mmg bagus sgt2

Testimony 5